Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things That I Am Thankful For

Here's a brief list of all the things that I am thankful for.

Let me set the mood first:

Ok, here it is:

-Power Rangers
-Capn Crunch
-My Family
-Most of my friends
-The ocean
-Bouncy balls
-Not waking up early for Black Friday anymore
-Good beer
-The smell of fresh cut grass
-Good carpet
-Black and white pictures
-The Roarin' 20's
-Apples to Apples
-Piggy Banks
-Inclimate Weather
-Not getting into car accidents
-Really comfortable chairs
-My cat (even though she's a bitch)
-Enjoying a good book once in a while
-Coffee and the energy it gives me
-Gold Toe socks
-The color red orange
-Silly hats
-Standard hats
-Top ramen
-Clean Air
-Sweat pants
-Thrift Stores
-A good cigar every now and then
-A pen that writes really well
-My gift of wit
-My eighth grade English teacher
-The Mars Volta
-Not being dead
-Fresh clothes out of the dryer
-Fire extinguishers
-Puppies and kittens
-GPS devices
-Musical chairs
-Mother Earth

Happy Thanksgiving brothers and sisters

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

True Love!

Here is a brief list of my favorite pet names I may have used for a significant other at one time or another. I hope that you are inspired to use one or more of them.

But to start, let me help set the mood for you:

I apologize that some of these are coming from a male-to-female perspective, but many can go both ways.

-Sugar Booger
-Cutie Patootie
-Snuggle Wumpkins
-Boo bear
-Butter Butt*
-Nom Nom
-Cherry Blossom
-Smooshy Tooshy*
-Sugar Lump
-Cutie Pie
-Twinkle tits*
-Jelly bean
-Cuddle bear
-Hot stuff
-Kinky Stinky*
-Pudding Cup
-Cherry Pie (unoriginal, I know, STFU)
-Kitty Cat
-The Erector+
-Sugar Plum
-Sugar Baby
-Stud Muffin
-All Mine :)

Good luck ladies and gentlemen, go forth and love.

* denotes a term I used in real life with repercussions ranging from minor to severe
+ denotes a term you should use with caution and only under the correct circumstances

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nothing New

Here's what I'm thinking:

Here's also what I'm thinking:

Yes, cows.