Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where there's smoke...

I came across this article today:

If you're a lazy dumbo and not going to the link, here's what happened: a man in Tennessee was living in a trailer park. His trailer caught on fire when flames from a pile of garbage the man's grandson had set on fire rose. Firefighters were called but did not put out the fire because the man had not paid a $75 "fire subscription fee." The man told reporters that he had paid it in past years, but that it "slipped his mind" this year; he even offered to pay it while on the phone with 911. But the firefighters arrived, saw the fire, and according to orders, did not put out the fire. They did, however, contain the flames to just the man's trailer area because the neighbors had paid their fee.

          Lost in the fire were all of the man's possesions, including three dogs and a cat. 

Now I ask the burning question (no pun intended) on everyone's mind:
These firefighters are trained to NOT put out a fire because a $75 fee is missing? They arrived on the scene just to mock the man by protecting the neighbors and letting this guy's pets burn to death? This is supposed to be "justice?" What is "just" about not performing the public service that firefighters are trained to do? (Does anyone smell another health care debate brewing?)

The good news is that the man's son went to the fire station the next day and decked the fire chief in the face, gifting him with a black eye.  But still, how do you just let this happen as a firefighter?

P.S. PETA is about to RAGE.


  1. that's a really immoral firefighter-department, tbh.. how can they live knowing they've ruined a man's life?

  2. That's rediculous. If you are a real firefighter and you see a home on fire, you put that fire out. If you're a beauracratic asshole you check to see if they paid the $75 first. Ughh.

  3. This is none of your concern citizen

  4. This is insane not because I particularly feel for the man who knew the consequences of not paying his fee but because these fire fighters didn't have the moral decency to stop it.

  5. what a world, anyways supporting you

  6. Yea, I did.
    I said WTF? I have no words.

    I think you'll appreciate my last post.
    Supp and follow bra.

  7. What is this country coming to? Rather, spiraling down into?! I have almost no words for this.

  8. I read about this online and I was appalled at this. It's $75, not even for a principal anymore