Sunday, December 5, 2010


A little while ago I made a post about jack In The Box and their often times incredibly questionable (but still hilarious) advertising schemes. Though this isn't going to be about Jack In The Box, it is about another company that in my opinion has recently been coming up with some really funny commercials that are worth watching once or twice- GEICO.
          I want to preface this by saying two things: 1) For a long time (and with the exception of the caveman commercials), GEICO has been located at a place in my mind that is home to the companies that have the absolute stupidest, most nonsensical and all-around WORST advertising campaigns in the history of ever. The commercials that, after watching just once, make you violently shake your head, foam at the mouth, and need to take a handful of aspirin while putting your face in front of a fan on full blast to calm your nerves. For a while, I easily pictured their advertising/marketing team to just be a a few random homeless men that execs at GEICO picked up off the street and paid in cheap booze to scribble on pieces of paper and mess around with a video camera (which I realize could actually be a FANTASTIC idea, but believe me, it's really not, and I would know). That being said, I specifically want to point out these commercials just to show how far these guys have come, so congratulations GEICO, this is my formal acclamation of your forward progress. 2) This campaign is still fairly hit-or-miss (like the elmer fudd one, or the woodchuck one), but there are a few gems in the bunch, so as far as I'm concerned, a 25% success rate is good enough.

So yeah.

This one gets an especially big commendation:

And because I know someone is going to wonder why I didn't post it, I'll post this one. However, 1) I don't really like this commercial, I find it annoying actually, but 2) the mom is a babe, so I'll let point number one slide.


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  1. They really know how to make commercials that's for sure