Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspiration to Live

If ever you need one particular song to get you motivated to do something, I suggest "Light At The End Of The Tunnel" by Cloud Cult. The audio clip the song centers around seems to be from some sort of NDE documentary or something (if you can't figure that out by yourself). Good luck!

...when I felt the cold coming up
  I went "oh my god, I'm dying"

And the next thing I know
I was out of my body
and I had no pain

 I was aware that the room was light,
seemed to be filling with a very white light

 I noticed a tunnel opening up,
a very dark tunnel,
with rings in it
and a very white,
tiny white second light at the very end
that we were moving down toward

The tunnel was very interesting because
it was full of rings
like a child's play tube out in the backyard

We made it through the tunnel,
we got to the white light
the little hole had opened up
and we got to the white light

And my life was shown very quickly,
like an old fashioned movie
that you see on those tapes
flickering at me

And everything from when I was very, very young
that I thought, did, said,
everything I should have done,
everything I didn't do...
     I was so aware that the few good things I had done
              they were so few

And I said "No, no"
      I said, "I wanna go back,
                       I wanna go back,
                             I wanna go back!"

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